For All Moonkind
Why Build a Moon Registry?

The narrative of human history on the Moon represents the dawn of our evolution into a spacefaring species. We have an unprecedented opportunity to document and learn from our progress, and to share the wealth of this human experience with everyone in the world. For free.

Initially, this Moon Registry was intended to serve as a resource for archaeologists, scientists, engineers and other professionals. Then we realized that this history belongs to all humanity. So we made this Moon Registry available to everyone. We also realized that human history in space is being created every day. So we made this Moon Registry dynamic.

Finally, we realized that countless individuals made contributions to this history that may not have yet been recorded. So we encourage you to add your story, fill in the blanks, and help us get the details right.  We’ve tried to source all images from the public domain, but if we’ve used your image, please let us know and we will gladly make proper attribution.

Our history is precious, that is why the For All Moonkind Registry will one day be preserved using blockchain technology powered by our partner TODAQ to protect the integrity of data and the data gathering process. And ultimately, we will create an immutable and secure database so that archaeologists, scientists, engineers and other professionals may continue their important work on a secure one-of-a-kind platform with input from all of us.

There are more than 100 sites on the Moon that host evidence of human activity and ingenuity. The sites include objects, bootprints and tracks that bear witness to some of the most remarkable moments in our human journey. Our mission is to catalog the sites, and all the objects they contain. We invite you to explore. And welcome your contribution.

For All Moonkind
For All Moonkind


As we put our children on a path to a future in, or at the least inexorably tied to space, we need unity more than ever. Identifying, recognizing and celebrating cultural heritage in outer space as our shared human heritage will build unity and universality. Only by protecting our first steps in space and properly garnering the invaluable lessons of our forebears, will we be able to help our spacefaring descendants continue our migration into space with purpose, peace, cooperation and humanity.

The mission of For All Moonkind is to ensure historic lunar landing and similar sites in outer space are recognized for their outstanding value to humanity and consequently preserved and protected for posterity by the international community as part of our common human heritage.

For All Moonkind is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In 2018, we were honored to be granted status as a Permanent Observer to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. Learn more about us here.